Dreams User friendly approach of sharing their creation tool has brought a Massive change in PlayStation world!

The developers of Dreams allow their users to make their creation using the creation tool and share it with other players.

The developers wanted to do something new and wanted to bring their project to the next level.

Members of the Early Access Dreams community have already been using the game to make their album creation and pieces for showreels.

To make this possible, the studio right now is trying to get a community license for its users.

Dreams are currently in Early Access on PS4.

The idea is to make the platform portable from PlayStation to other media like PC or Mac.

The users so far have been successful in making crazy fantastic games like Final Fantasy 7 remake, a kaiju monsters simulator, and not to forget some awesome GOT tributes too.

The popularity of Dreams has been marked since it’s arrival in April 2019.

To be very honest, Dreams is beyond a gaming platform; it is more of a tool than a strictly defined game.

Ettouney said that the ultimate goal is to allow anyone to export their game onto other hardware platforms:

“The very limited exporting features at this moment are, like, exporting a video, but we have in the long-term [plans] for exporting a standalone game outside of Dreams entirely—exporting to other devices and beyond.”