Drake’s Birthday party turned Nostalgic when Reunites with Rihanna? Whats Brewing between the two??

So Drake had a pre-birthday (his birthday is on Thursday, 24th of October) celebration at a nightclub in Los Angeles, and guess who showed up at the party? Rihanna, yes, Rihanna was one of the guests at the party. This was a reunion between the Canadian rapper and Rihanna, which was after quite a long time.

A source revealed that Rihanna stayed at the party for two hours. The singer was accompanied by two of her girlfriends and was escorted to Drake’s table by security. She and Drake smiled, seeing each other and talked and laughed for a while. The two had a very pleasant conversation looked like were having fun together as friends.

RiRi had a good time at the party. She seemed to be in a good mood as she was dancing to the music and bobbing her head. The whole vibe was very chill. Drake welcomed her with a huge smile and got really excited when she arrived. Along with popping bottles of Dom Perignon and Hennessy, Drake also ordered McDonald’s french fries and chicken nuggets to the club.

Drake and Rihanna share a History!

RiRi’s arrival at the party was quite unexpected, given to the long and complicated romantic history that she had with Drake. Last year (2018) in May, RiRi touched on her relationship with Drake, saying, “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is.”

Who is Rihanna’s Dating?

These days Rihanna has been dating the Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel. Also, Rihanna talked about her dream wedding dress recently in Vogue’s new installment of Go Ask Anna video series. When Anna Wintour asked the Vogue cover girl whom she would like to design her wedding dress, RiRi responded that her dream dress would be a product of a collaboration between her and John Galliano.