Drake took to social media to clap back at haters for being booed off stage during Camp Flog Gnaw festival! Tyler, The Creator angry at fans for shaming his Guest!!!

The Toronto based rapper Drake got caught in the eye of booing by attendees at the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival.

The rapper took to his social media handle to punch back his trollers stating “there is a plot twist (dear haters) I have signed a 10-year residency at Camp Flog Gnaw”.

The caption depicted that Drake hasn’t taken the negativity too seriously.

Well, receiving such negativity with ease can be considered as one of his good traits. Hiss feuds with some famous pop stars and fellow rappers are always have been a, part of the mainstream controversy.

From Riri to getting comfortable with Kylie, his relationships are also the talk of the town.

But even after such hatred, his wings of strength haven’t ever been ruffled up.

On November 11, thousands of fans are Camp attended the show hosted by Tyler the creator. The show highlighted the performance of some upcoming rappers with a stan of Timothee Chalamet.

Da Baby, FKA twigs, Solange, Brockhampton were part of the show.

Though the show was expected by the audience to be enclosed by the fellow band member Frank Ocean, of Tyler it, unfortunately, got ended by some hit songs of Drake at which the fans booed.

The booing got so hard that the Toronto rapper left the stage with his goodbye. But even after that Frank Ocean didn’t make any appearance.

Today, Tyler took to Twitter to express his anger against this booing of the audience calling it “so entitled and trash” He also referred to this behavior of mob as uncultured and Disappointing.