Dragon ball Z Kakarot is accidently out now; Thanks to Walmart; What’s new in the game?

Is the childhood favorite show Dragon Ball Z is back? Yes indeed but in the form of a game released by it for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

All about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Walmart’s lack of knowledge


In just a day’s time, the Dragon Ball Z’s fans will be able to catch their favorite cartoons through the gaming platforms. The new game released by the Dragon Ball Z features the most ambitious retelling of the DBZ story through Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. There is a surprise for the Dragon Ball fans too. One lucky fan, however, will be able to experience the game before many others, provided he managed to purchase it from his local Walmart store before its official release.

The new Dragon Ball Z game technically releases on the 17th of January for the most popular gaming platforms of these days: PS4 and Xbox One. For B-Ro_1995 on Reddit, however, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot released on the 15th of January.

B-Ro_1995 posted an image where he displayed his installation of the game on his PS4. From the way he words his post, his Walmart wasn’t even sure in reference to properly ring up the game. The cashier manually entered the barcode number to make the transaction go through. It looked as if the store did not know that the game wasn’t supposed to be in circulation yet.

Obviously, this means that Walmart has broken the game’s street date, which the store has a bad history of doing so. Normally, though, when left unchecked, breaking a game’s street date can be kind of frustrating for the fans that end up left out, as the internet will be flooded with the spoilers. Luckily, it features a beautiful story and this incident seems to be an isolated one, as no one else has reported being able to buy the game.