Dove Cameron shows off her ‘panic induced laughter fit’ during an ear piercing session…

Dove Cameron’s recent video post on Instagram shows that she believes in laughing her way through the pain. Dove Cameron, on 17th of August, posted a video of herself getting her ear pierced. The video is black and white in which Dove can be seen laughing continuously to probably lessen the pain.

Dove captioned the Instagram post advocating that one’s laughter and giggles are the best weapons to combat pain.
Dove wrote that the best & only time to have a panic-induced laughing fit is when someone has multiple needles in you & next to your face.

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Later, the 23-year-old entertainer also posted a picture flaunting her pierced ear. Dove sported a tiny stud earring in her upper cartilage and a slim hoop in her conch piercing. In the same picture, something else that is also very noticeable is Dove’s hair.

Dove has dyed her hair pinkish which were pulled back in a messy braid. Fans can’t get enough of her look. Several fans complimented the multitalented actress. A fan wrote- UR HAIR, YOUR HAIR IS PINK!?!?!?!? While another fan wrote, “if here’s anything more beautiful than a dove, it’s Dove with pink hair #fact”.

A fan went on to note that Dove had, “said when you do music you are dying your hair! A woman of her word!!!” So now that we know Dove has dyed hair, meaning she is working on some music, we just can’t wait for it to come out.