Doom Patrol Season Two: Abigail Shapiro Casted for Chief’s Daughter


DC’s Doom Patrol for its new season casts Abigail Shapiro for the role of Dorothy, the chief’s daughter. Doom Patrol was created by Jeremy Carver and it is based on DC’s superhero team with the same name. It started in February of 2019 in which superheroes with powers acquired through tragic instances team together. The Chief or Niles Caulder is one of the main characters and is the one who carries the plot forward. In the show’s second season, Dorothy will be introduced which will probably unfold more things about The Chief.

Origins of Dorothy

The character of Dorothy was created by Paul Kupperberg, Erik Larsen, and Jim Sander III in 1988. In her origin story, she was given up for adoption as she had a deformity which gave her the appearance of an ape. She was isolated from society and was grew up with her imaginary friends. She later discovered that she had the power to bring them to life. Her ability to create life could be used for both good and evil. This plot point can be explored in the season.

Possible Plotlines

The character’s back of the head is shown in the last episode of Doom Patrol pigtails. There seems to be no indication of a physical deformity. In the comics, The Chief has tried his best to shield the world from Dorothy’s powers. The Chief’s daughter is met with Candlemaker who aggravates her and deceives her. This plotline can be explored in the next season which will make Candlemaker the assailant towards Dorothy.

For actress Abigail Shapiro this will be a big project as this is her first television performance. She will be working with actors like Alan Tudyk and Matt Bomer while depicting a character with such a complex history.