Dolly Parton joins KING & COUNTRY for the remix of “God Only Knows”

The new music video from Christian band for KING & COUNTRY dropped at midnight on Friday. It features East Tennessee’s very own Dolly Parton

The music video is a remix of the band’s famous song “God Only Knows.”

She recalled the experience as if  “God spoke”. Parton said people have so many problems, and the song touched “everything people struggle with.” She said that the song has a sense of “peace and love and sweetness about it”. Furthermore, she believes this song is something “we need to be hearing right now.”

Photo: courtesy of For King & Country

She joined Grammy-winning duo for KING & COUNTRY’s “God Only Knows”. It comprises of brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone. Talking about Parton, Joel Smallbone said that hearing her sing that chorus and those words “is a little out-of-body as both artists and writers”. He added that it is one of those rare moments where you are like “that’s always how it was meant to be.”

The KING & COUNTRY, aren’t a country duo but last weekend they’ve had three back-to-back concerts at Dollywood.

After their first set, the Smallbone brothers carried chairs to a shady spot in sight of a large Parton mural. Then, they explained about the unexpected collaboration with Parton.

The Collaboration

It started with Parton’s Netflix movie “Dumplin.”

Joel and his wife Moriah saw the inspirational flick and were captivated by the soundtrack. This is how he reached out to Parton and within a week, things fell into place. Parton had earlier told her manager about her wish to focus on more faith-based projects when “God Only Knows” was presented to her. Dolly is blessed to work on the song and the brothers, saying “It’s like it fell from the sky. “

In the video, Parton appears to be talking about another version of herself, as do the two members of the band. 

Talking about listening to the song for the first time, Dolly Parton said that it “touched her so deeply.”