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Does Jason Momoa have grudges against Amber Heard for not working on Aquaman 2? Here’s what we know.

Aquaman 2 is the season of the movie that has been long controversial since the announcement of Johnny Depp being in the controversies over the case of Amber and him having some differences in the past. the case of the two has been talked of for a long time with the things taken to the court and him getting others into the track of his case.

After him having named a few members from the industry in the case of the two, Amber and Johnny Depp, the case has been taken much ahead from where it should have been taken to. With Johnny having named Leonardo in the grunts of his relationship affairs, he has banned Depp from the industry with the reason that he was having no affair with Amber as she was accused by the actor which was later neglected by them.

Aquaman 2, how does this have to do anything with the relations of Depp and Amber?

The two have been into long-lasting controversies. With the experience that they have had in the past, the film producers and directors are trying with all means to prevent any interface between the two. The scenes that were given to Amber have been lowered by the film creators. This has come at a time when the two are already facing allegations against each other that they have slammed on the others.

Warner Bros are trying their best to look into this matter so that the events in the movie come organically and there are no discrepancies regarding their movie in the future. The film must seem natural in its appearance and must incorporate the comforts of the actor and actress after seeing the scene that has occurred with the two. After having been in controversies, the two have been tried to keep separate from the others.

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