Doctor Who shares a Cryptic Tweet: What’s the Secret behind 23rd November? Is it Release Date for Season 12?

Doctor Who is a British sci-fi series. The TV series started back in 2005 by the BBC. Though, BBC One produced the show in 1963 for the very first time.

About ‘Doctor Who’

The series is a science fiction that is based on the crazy adventure of a Time Lord. He is better known as ‘The Doctor.’ The Doctor is an alien who belongs to a planet named Gallifrey.

The show depicts the unknown celestial being gathering around a planet. It gives out a strange and mysterious message. The doctor along with Clara attempt to rectify the hidden message.

The show has successfully completed 11 long seasons. The popularity of the show is huge. The last season that is the 11th Season was premiered in December 2018. Since then, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the 12th one.

The secret behind 23rd November

After releasing the teaser last month, a new video came up on Sunday. The video featured a teaser of Season 12 with an announcement that something special is on the way. And that it will be revealed on 23rd November.

This long term triumphant International series posted the 15-second video on the official Twitter handle as well as on Youtube. There is no news about the surprise. However, we can probably assume that there could be an announcement of the release of Season 12. It can be another teaser, trailer, footage from behind the scene that can reveal something important about the upcoming series.

The Twitter post has a caption as ‘make space’ and mentioned the date of 23rd November 2019. Some fans suggest it might mark a surprise release of 12th Season the same day.

The date has a long history within itself. 23rd November 1963 was the day when the first episode of Doctor Who was premiered. It starred William Hartnell as the character of Doctor (Time Lord).

So to know what’s actually the surprise, we need to stay tuned and wait for 23.11.2019.