‘Do Not Disturb’: Yes, That’s What Howie Mandel’s Hat Read as He was Spotted Walking Outside Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

America’s Got Talent sensational judge Howie Mandel is taking this Coronavirus pandemic real seriously. Recently, he was spotted wearing a hat that read “Do not disturb”. It was an effort to keep up to the social distancing prevailing globally to combat the spread of coronavirus any further. Currently, the production of America’s Got Talent has been put on hold due to the ongoing outbreak.


Apart from his recent look, he was also seen donning another ensemble that read the same message all over again. Mandel who is said to be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder making him fear the germs and dirt. He was wearing a full hazmat suit with a gas mask on his way to America’s Got Talent production.

The decision of halting the reality show’s taping was that a few days back another judge of the show Heidi Klum left the shooting midway saying that she felt a bit uneasy and ill. She is currently waiting for the reports of the coronavirus test to come and is self-isolating for the time being. Let’s hope that isn’t positive.


As we all are pretty much aware of the rapid spread of the virus, as it’s said to be transferable from one person to another real quick. So being a civics citizen we must take care of the people near us along with with our workplace safety.

Since no particular cure has been found for the virus, it’s considered to be better if people keep themselves distant from other people. There had been lockdown in few areas to keep people away from the hustle life and spend time exploring themselves and be with their loved ones.

Though Mandel’s attire was weird it was his way to contribute to the social distancing, what about yours?