DJ Envy gets slammed by Gucci Mane. Mane says he is banned from The Breakfast Club!!

This incident started in 2016. In an interview for The Breakfast Club, Gucci accused co-host Angela Yee of pursuing him sexually. Gucci Mane is addressing all claims that Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club banned him.

On Monday, a video came on YouTube, which gave more insight into the matter. 39-year-old Gucci had a conversation with Charlamagne Tha God. The title of the clip was Growth with Gucci: A conversation with Gucci Mane and Charlamagne Tha God. In the interview, Charlamagne asked Gucci about the rumors regarding his ban from a radio show.

Gucci said in reference to his co-host Angela Yee that “It came from that punk a- bitch.” He also added, “And DJ Envy- he’s a p–, too. Envy’s a p–, man”.That was quite clear, wasn’t it? Gucci further said DJ Envy was there the day people’s court thing was going on. He was with the girl. Charlamagne is also a host of The Breakfast Club. Gucci said Envy didn’t have it in him to show his face after what he did. Gucci wanted a confrontation and wanted to ask him if he had anything to say. He wanted to hear what Envy had to say regarding the matter.

Gucci also had something more to say. He said, “I’ ma confront him about what he and Angela did, and if he comes at me wrong, I’ma slap the s- out of him. It ain’t gonna be his first time getting slapped.” We should take notes on how not to make Gucci mad. He is clearly angry at everything and wants some answers.

In the interview, Gucci said that 43-year-old Yee wanted to have sexual relations with him. Yee directly denied the allegations, and the conversation leads to the rumors that Gucci will not be allowed on the show anymore. But recently, Yee expressed no one ever banned Gucci from the show and denied any allegations of wanting to have a sexual relationship with him. However, she said Gucci wanted to sort out things with her.

Gucci replied to Angela’s comment that he never apologized to her, nor did he want to. Envy also responded to Gucci’s threats directly on Instagram. Yee did not respond immediately for comment. She is yet to comment to address Gucci.

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Me and My Dog..🤣🤣🤣… Welllllll… @cthagod gave me a heads up when this interview was done and I told him play it.. This isn’t the 1st time I’ve been threatened by an artist and probably won’t be the last time… I never been slapped, or snuffed or jumped before so not sure where that came from… but funny by all means… @laflare1017 was never banned from the @breakfastclubam When asked, “Would I do an interview without Yee…” My reply was, “I will not do anything unless you clear it with my co-worker.. We call that riding for your team where I’m from!!! And he’s upset because my coworker defended herself… Never in a million years will I tell my co-hosts what to say or what not to say.. We share that platform.. When Gucci did that post about Yee, she defended herself on the Breakfast Club and he’s mad because “I let her do it”…. I Have never ran from a Conversation in my life… My Kids are good, my wife is great and My Dog is excellent… Anyway, I heard some lies and wanted to address it… Back to enjoying Paris… 🇫🇷

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