Disney releases Second Official Trailer of Frozen 2! Watch it here and Find Out What’s More To Come In the Movie

After six years, the sequel of Frozen is coming finally! We are now only a few weeks away from the release of the film. The first movie had released on 29th November 2013.

Disney had dropped the first official trailer for the sequel on 12th February 2019. It has received some 116.4 million views. The views on the trailer set a new record leaving behind the “Incredibles 2” trailer which had the most views then. The impressive number of views came just in the first twenty fours of the release of the trailer.

Disney dropped a teaser trailer on June 11. And now we have the second official trailer of the movie which was dropped this Tuesday. Watch the new trailer here:

Despite the trailers, the plot of the movie is still not very clear. One thing which will be seen in the movie is that Anna, Elsa, and others go on an adventure together. The official synopsis of the film is also not of much help and is just full of questions about Elsa’s magical powers, the past, enchanted forests and dark seas, and the threat looming over Arendelle.

Head of Animation Becky Bresee said that the sequel will be evolution and expansion of “Frozen” as the first film had raised many questions and doubts which his gang will try to solve with this movie.

Source: Disney

Idina Menzel will be playing the role of Elsa for the second time. Along with her, Kristen Bell will be playing the role of Anna. The upcoming film is directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck and is produced by Peter Del Vecho.

The release date for the movie in the UK and the USA is November 22.