Disney+ keeps ‘Beauty And the Beast’ Prequel on hold for Now

Disney+ delayed ‘Beauty And the Beast’ Prequel indefinitely

Disney+ ordered the eight-episode prequel series of live-action musical show, ‘Beauty And the Beast’ in January 2021. The streamer postponed for some time due to few technical issues regarding creative and scheduling matching with direction. Moreover, it will be a reprise version of 2017 version added with some additional stories rolling over past and future. In addition, it is one of the most awaited and major project of Disney+.

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Reason behind the hold of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ Prequel shooting

The ‘Beauty And the Beast’ Prequel series pushed ahead repeatedly due to its issue with creative elements. The shooting was planned to start from Spring but it already pushed to Summer. In addition, they finalized to begin the shoot in summer with UK settings. Now, again the streamer broke hearts of fans who have their eagle-eyes on series. The production crew announced to postpone indefinitely for the same technical reasons.

Deep dive into Storyline of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ Prequel

The prequel ‘Beauty And the Beast’ focuses on a journey of three main characters stumbling over difficulties and obstacles both old and new. However, not leaving the epic tour of adventures filled with comedy and romance. Moreover, it traces back many years before our original ‘Beauty And the Beast’ story came into existence. The story set up in an iconic kingdom of “Beauty and the Beast”.

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In addition, the trio Gaston, LeFou and Tilly takes viewers on a tour more adventurous than the classic Beast and Belle’s romance. Furthermore, during the tangled journey, they discovered many deep concealed secrets about their kingdom. They meet many old as well as new acquaintance and enemies learned about loads of unimaginable mysteries behind the deep-rooted enmity and the prevailing kingdom’s conditions.

Acclaimed cast and crew

2017 live-action “Beauty and the Beast” credited stars Luke Evans and Josh Gad will back with their dynamic character Gaston and LeFou (Louie). Apace with, Briana Middleton, Fra Fee and Jelani Alladin will round of the lead casts in the dreamy series. Briana Middleton portrays Louie’s stepsister – Tilly.

CREDIT – beautyandthebeast

The new version will be created under ABC Signature. ‘Respect’ credited Liesl Tommy will start the creation of ‘Beauty And the Beast’ prequel through her epic direction. Oscar-nominee Glenn Slater will pen down the lyrics of Disney+’s upcoming live-action musical show.

Besides, the 1991 and 2017 “Beauty and the Beast” movies credited composer Alan Menken will again back with his soundtracks. In addition, Gad, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz  will simultaneously serve as  developer, executive producer, showrunner as well as writer. Furthermore, Evans will also exec produce the series.