Disney+ Has Increased The Number Of Episodes For WandaVision, the Elizabeth Olsen/Paul Bettany Series! Check out for all details. Series!

While the Avengers Endgame ended on a bittersweet note with some superheroes bidding their final goodbyes to us, while some will continue their journey and all thanks to Disney+!


WandaVision Has Increased The Number Of Episodes To As Many As Nine Episodes!

The newly launched streaming service has teamed up with Marvel and is all set to release standalone series based on some of the Avengers superheroes. While the list has quite a few names in it, WandaVision is one of the ongoing projects. With Wanda surviving the war, the series will focus on her backstory and her journey out in the future.


This series is pretty significant considering that earlier her backstory has not been revealed in a detailed manner in any of the Avengers movies. However, the series was initially expected to have six episodes only but now thanks to the service, it is been increased to nine episodes! If you haven’t already seen the clipping that made the official announcement of all the stand-alone series all lined up for release, have a look at it here!

The Shooting Is Reportedly Starting From Mid July Onwards!

With this sudden increase, we are all set to see more episodes which mean double the fun. We are already excited to see Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany team up to be one of the most powerful pair in the Marvel Universe.

The series is expected to start shooting from July onwards, however, the studio has been fighting a legal battle regarding the copyright issues with another company . This might affect the shooting dates further. We surely are eagerly waiting to see more of the powerful superhero and her backstory this time!