Discovered murder with the help of a Kidnapped Woman!!

On 13th December, kidnapping victim in Alabama helped the Jefferson County police to the discovery of a dead boy.
How the Corpse was discovered?

The terrifying incident took place in the Jefferson County wherein the police discovered a dead body in the woods on Friday with the help of a kidnapping victim in Alabama. The dead body of the 31 year old woman, Kellie Ann Hughes was found near a Birmingham Hospital which was dumped in a wooded area.
On Friday at 4:42 pm, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call. The call was made by a woman who claimed that she was being held captive. She did not know her exact location but her phone was traced by the deputies to Woodside Condominiums in Center Point. The police arrived at the complex but before they could rescue her they saw the woman falling down the stairs. The woman had visible injuries on her and her hands were also bound together by zip ties. She told the deputies that she knew about a murder and thus her knowledge of the crime led to the kidnapping.
The information of the woman led the police to a search and around 1:55 am of the same day, Kellie’s body was discovered. She was pronounced dead on the scene.
Reason of the murder

In addition to Kellie’s murder, the police also discovered that two more persons were shot to dead on Saturday. The police have stated that the murder of Kellie and the other two persons are not linked but the kidnapping of the woman and Kellie’s death are interlinked. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Captain David Agee has said that the police have not yet found a clear motive for the murder of Kellie. Kellie’s brother, Branden Hughes told that he spent six years in the military and has idea of who killed his sister.