Discover the Famous Women Linked to Chris Pine Throughout His Dating History!

The Dating History of Chris Pine: A Look at His Past Relationships

Chris Pine is a well-known actor popularly recognized for his roles in Star Trek, Wonder Woman, and 2022’s Don’t Worry Darling. While Pine’s career has always remained the center of attention, his dating life has caused quite a stir too. The actor has dated several significant faces in the past, some of whom made headlines regularly. Despite his tendency to keep his romantic life out of the spotlight, Pine’s relationships have often captured public attention.

Annabelle Wallis

Pine’s recent relationship with British actress Annabelle Wallis lasted four years. The couple kept their romance mostly low-key, often remaining out of the spotlight. However, they confirmed their romance in July 2018, when they were clicked holding hands during a romantic stroll in London. Wallis is known for her iconic roles in Malignant and Peaky Blinders. Pine and Wallis were together until March 2022.

Sofia Boutella

Pine was romantically linked to Sofia Boutella in 2016. The Star Trek Beyond co-stars were spotted showing affection while attending the film’s premiere in London. They were later spotted attending Coachella together, but a source confirmed that they were friends and not dating at the time.

Vail Bloom

The Young and the Restless actress Vail Bloom was briefly associated with Pine in 2015. The couple was spotted cuddled up on a lunch date in Hollywood and photographed sharing a kiss. Neither of them confirmed the relationship status at the time.

Zoë Kravitz

Prior to his relationship with Vail Bloom, Pine was briefly linked to Batwoman actress Zoë Kravitz. The duo was first spotted together in September 2014 at a Coldplay concert. Soon after, they were spotted spending time together at the Sundance Film Festival.

Iris Björk Jéhannesdéttir

Pine briefly dated Icelandic model Iris Björk Jéhannesdéttir from 2013 to 2015. The couple was spotted kissing during their romantic getaway to Paris in November 2013. They were last spotted together in LAX airport two months later.

Dominique Piek

Pine dated South African model Dominique Piek from September 2011 to spring 2013. They made their official debut as a couple at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Olivia Munn

Pine was also briefly associated with X-Men: Apocalypse actress Olivia Munn in 2010. Although the couple never confirmed their relationship, they were spotted together on several occasions, including a dinner date in January 2010.

Chris Pine’s Type

Pine revealed that he looks for intelligence, beauty, and a sense of humor in a girlfriend. After the initial attraction fades, he believes that the ability to engage in conversation is essential. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2013, Pine said, “there has to be the thing that engages you. And that is intelligence and humor.”

Pine’s Privacy about Relationships

Pine has always been fiercely private about his romantic life, keeping most of his relationships away from the public eye. He once told The Hollywood Reporter that he did not like discussing his romantic relationships, calling them, “something I don’t really want to talk about.”

Paparazzi’s Role in Pine’s Privacy

As a popular celebrity, Pine has experience with the paparazzi and their aggressive behavior. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Pine called the paparazzi “vile” and revealed how they used to chase him when his career was just taking off. The actor also spoke about how difficult it was to maintain his privacy in the entertainment industry.

Chris Pine’s Recent Relationship Status

As of March 2023, Chris Pine is currently single, and it remains to be seen who he will date next.

Closing Thoughts

The dating history of Chris Pine is as eventful as his career, with his romances often making headlines. While Pine’s personal life remained mostly under wraps, he has been linked to several successful models and actresses. The actor has often talked about the importance of intelligence and humor in a girlfriend and remains fiercely private about his romantic life.


1. Who is Chris Pine married to?

Chris Pine is currently not married and remains single.

2. Who has Chris Pine dated in the past?

Chris Pine has dated several famous faces from Zoë Kravitz to Olivia Munn. His most recent girlfriend was Annabelle Wallis, whom he dated for four years. He has also been linked to Sofia Boutella, Vail Bloom, Iris Björk Jéhannesdéttir, Dominique Piek, and Amanda Frances in the past.

3. What qualities does Chris Pine look for in a girlfriend?

Chris Pine looks for intelligence, beauty, and a sense of humor in a girlfriend. He believes that the ability to engage in conversation is essential and that it is the thing that engages you.

4. Why is Chris Pine so private about his relationships?

Chris Pine is fiercely private about his romantic life because of the paparazzi and their aggressive behavior. He finds it hard to maintain his privacy in the entertainment industry, and his past experiences have been difficult.

5. Who was Chris Pine’s longest relationship?

Chris Pine’s longest relationship was with actress Annabelle Wallis. The couple dated for four years before calling it quits in March 2022.