Discover How Ed Sheeran Turned a Flop into a Hit and Made Music History!

How Ed Sheeran Used Persistence and Belief to Make “Bad Habits” a Hit

Ed Sheeran is one of the world’s most popular artists, with countless hit singles and albums. However, not every song he releases is an instant success. In fact, his recent hit single “Bad Habits” initially received a lukewarm response from fans. But Sheeran didn’t give up on the song, and now it’s one of his biggest hits. Here’s how Sheeran’s persistence and belief turned “Bad Habits” from a flop to a catchy pop song.

Perseverance Pays Off

Sheeran’s “Bad Habits” started as a can’t-miss hit but the reaction to this dance hit when he released it was quite negative with all the criticism coming from the fact that it was a different offering from the artist. Instead of giving up on the song, however, Sheeran persisted, believing in its potential. He continued to promote it and play it live, and now it’s a hit song.

Belief in Yourself

Sheeran’s belief in “Bad Habits” has always been strong. Even when the song initially received a poor reaction from fans, Sheeran continued to stand by it. He felt that the song had something special to offer and didn’t let initial disappointment alter his beliefs in his ability.

The Value of Creativity

Sheeran kept faith in himself, professed his love for the song and was excited to share it with the world. It’s not just about numbers, he cares more about his creations. He’s nurtured songs he had an emotional connection with because he was passionate about bringing unique music to the world. Each track is special to him and he sees them as part of his legacy. He wants fans to appreciate the depth of his repertoire and appreciate his creativity.

Never Compromise Your Artistic Vision

As an artist, Sheeran subscribes to the idea that you must stay true to who you are. Therefore, he hasn’t compromised his artistic vision or tried to fit himself into any specific mold. He has always written songs that speak to him and his fans, rather than pandering to popular trends.

The Importance of Patient Perfectionism

Sheeran is known for being patient and reflective with his music. Rather than rushing to release new material, he allows himself time to sit with it, listening for any flaws that need addressing. This has helped him create music that he’s truly proud of.

A Changed Direction

Creating “Bad Habits” was a different process compared to his usual patient perfectionism way of making music. Sheeran revealed that working on “Bad Habits” was a liberating experience, allowing him to enjoy creativity without overthinking. It led him to a different artistic direction.

Learning to Loosen Up

Sheeran’s experiences writing and releasing “Bad Habits” taught him the value of not overthinking things and just enjoying the creative process with music.

Believing in Your Goals

Sheeran believes that an artist’s confidence in his work is more important than the numbers that decide sales. He wants to continue to provide authentic music that he believes in and encourages other artists to do likewise. He experienced that when an artist stays true to themselves, the music will find an audience

A Hit That Came Late

“Bad Habits” took time to catch on, but eventually, it became a hit single for Sheeran. He proved that an artist who believes in himself and the music he creates will eventually succeed – perhaps not immediately but eventually.

The Power of Collaboration

Sheeran’s belief in his artistry has led him to pursue unique collaborations with artists from different genres and cultures, further expanding the possibilities of his music. For instance, his latest hit set to break records to “Permission to Dance” with BTS shows how a good artist is open to new ideas and collaborations to make something unique.

Believing in the Culture and Music

Sheeran himself started with star influences like Jon Bellion, Wande Coal, and Passenger, whom he believed in, their music helped him become the well-known artist he is now. And in turn, he continues to believe in upcoming talents and inspiring others to appreciate the sound and culture of smaller artists in the industry.

Taking Risks

Sheeran has never shied away from taking risks. Each new album or project brings with it a different sound or style, but one thing remains constant – he always trusts in his vision.

Setting Goals in His Career

Sheeran has always set goals for himself, and he ensures his creativity is for the world to enjoy. He has always wanted to showcase the diversity of music and its different genres, from Spanish themed tracks to African fusions. His passion for music drives him to create music that bridges different cultures and people around the world.

Believing in Himself

Sheeran never let’s a failure or lack of interest dissuade him from pursuing his musical vision. He believes in his music and the importance of artistic expression.


Belief in oneself and one’s art is essential for creating music that speaks to people. Ed Sheeran is an excellent example of an artist who has pursued his vision without compromising his values. Despite initial backlash to his hit single Bad Habits, with time, the song has become one of his most popular hits. It’s a testament to Sheeran’s perseverance, commitment to his vision, and belief in his creativity.


1. What makes Ed Sheeran different from other artists?

Sheeran is unique because he stays true to himself, writes music that speaks to him and his fans, and never compromises his artistic vision or tries to fit himself into any specific mold.

2. What does Sheeran believe is more critical than album sales?

Sheeran thinks that an artist’s belief in himself and the music he creates is more important than album sales and numbers that determine sales.

3. Does Ed Sheeran believe in taking risks?

Yes, Ed Sheeran is always willing to take risks, each new album or project brings a different sound or style, but one thing remains constant – he always trusts in his vision.

4. Why is “Bad Habits” a significant hit for Sheeran?

“Bad Habits” is a major hit for Sheeran because it’s proof that an artist who believes in himself and the music he creates will eventually succeed – perhaps not immediately, but eventually.

5. Why does Sheeran believe in collaboration?

Sheeran believes in exploring different cultures and sounds to further expand his music. In his songs, he has collaborated with artists from different genres and cultures, and this fosters a community of diverse artists in the industry.