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Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Crime Story: A Murderer Or A Feminist Role Model?

Netflix recently released the pathological series titled Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story that shed light on the true-crime case where Betty Broderick shots her ex-husband and his now-wife to death. While the case seems that of a double murder, it is more than what it looks like.

Don’t Miss Out On The Sensational Betty Broderick Crime Story!

The anthological series that goes on for eight episodes, shows a disintegrating marriage and a wife who loves it all only to be left alone by a cheating husband. While the first episode stars of with Betty still being in denial about the whole situation thing until her husband Dan sells their old house.

While Betty tries hard to reconcile and get her old life back, her husband gaslights her to such an extent that she ultimately reached her breaking point and ends up shooting both her husband and his then-wife, Linda. After that, she is upheld in the court and while half of the jury sympathizes with her plight, some still considered her as a psychopath who committed a double murder.

Is Betty A Murderer Or A Woman Who Was Gaslighted For Too Long?

The short series is gripping, and some of the scenes are so the spine chilling that it will melt the coldest of hearts. Betty’s situation sparks moments of sympathy towards a devoted wife and a mother. While Betty is given a punishment of fifteen years in prison, she emerges as a feminist icon for women during that time.

If you have not already seen the series, it is highly recommended.  The take is gripping tale of a failed  marriage and instances of loneliness, gaslighting and intense emotional outbursts.

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