Diddy’s Shocking Allegations: New Lawsuit Reveals Sexual Assault on College Student in 1991

Diddy Accused of 1991 Sexual Assault of College Student in New Lawsuit

Sean “Diddy” Combs, the renowned music mogul, is facing serious allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting a college student in 1991. The shocking lawsuit was filed recently, adding to the mounting legal troubles for the hip hop icon. The following outlines the details of the case and Combs’ denial of the accusations.

Allegations of Sexual Assault and Revenge Porn

The lawsuit, filed by Joi Dickerson-Neal, claims that she was drugged, sexually assaulted, and subjected to revenge porn by Combs. According to court documents, Combs recorded the assault on video and distributed it within the music industry, causing irreparable harm to Dickerson-Neal’s reputation and emotional well-being.

Combs’ Rise to Prominence

The alleged incident took place in 1991, during a time when Combs was working as a talent director at Uptown Records. This was just before his debut album, “No Way Out,” was released and propelled him to fame and wealth.

Mutual Connections and Acquaintances

Dickerson-Neal and Combs had mutual friends and even appeared together in a music video, as revealed in the lawsuit. This connection likely played a role in their initial interaction and subsequent events.

The Date and Drugging

During a school break in 1991, Dickerson-Neal reluctantly agreed to go on a date with Combs. It was during this encounter that she alleges Combs deliberately drugged her. According to the lawsuit, Combs spiked her drink while she briefly left it unattended.

The Night Unfolds

After dinner, Combs took Dickerson-Neal to a music studio and then back to his home, where the sexual assault allegedly occurred. The lawsuit states that she felt trapped and unable to escape the assault, causing immense humiliation and hurt.

The Shocking Revelation

Following the assault, a male friend of Dickerson-Neal informed her that he had watched a “sex tape” involving her and other men, including Combs. This revelation further deepened her distress and trauma.

Combs’ Denial

In response to the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Combs vehemently denied the allegations, calling Dickerson-Neal’s story fabricated and not credible. The statement described the lawsuit as a money grab and emphasized that Combs never assaulted her.

The Impact on Dickerson-Neal

The lawsuit highlights the profound negative impact the alleged assault had on Dickerson-Neal’s mental health. It led to severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and an immense sense of violation. She ultimately dropped out of college, never obtaining her degree.

Seeking Justice Through the Adult Survivors Act

The filing of the lawsuit on the eve of the expiration of the New York state Adult Survivors Act demonstrates Dickerson-Neal’s determination to hold Combs accountable. This law allows adult sexual assault survivors to pursue legal action even after the statute of limitations has expired.

The Legal Battle Unfolds

The lawsuit lists Combs, Bad Boy Entertainment, Bad Boy Records, and Combs Enterprises as defendants. Dickerson-Neal demands a trial by jury, seeking compensatory damages for her mental and emotional injuries.

A Call for Accountability

Michelle Caiola, an attorney for Dickerson-Neal, emphasized that no one should be immune from liability due to their wealth and public stature. She expressed gratitude for her client’s courage in coming forward and stated that everyone deserves to be heard.


The new lawsuit against Diddy alleging sexual assault and revenge porn has added to his legal troubles. The detailed allegations made by Joi Dickerson-Neal, a college student at the time of the alleged incident, paint a disturbing picture. While Diddy denies the accusations and claims they are a money grab, the legal battle is only beginning. This case highlights the importance of giving survivors a voice and seeking justice, regardless of the time that has passed.


1. Has Diddy been accused of sexual assault before?

No, this is not the first time Diddy has faced allegations of sexual assault. He recently settled another lawsuit accusing him of rape and abuse.

2. What is revenge porn?

Revenge porn refers to the non-consensual sharing of explicit photos or videos of someone, typically with the intention of causing harm or humiliation.

3. How does the Adult Survivors Act benefit survivors of sexual assault?

The Adult Survivors Act allows adult survivors of sexual assault to file lawsuits even after the statute of limitations has expired, providing them with a legal avenue to seek justice.

4. What are compensatory damages?

Compensatory damages are monetary awards granted to plaintiffs to compensate for their losses, including emotional distress, pain and suffering, and harm to their reputation.

5. Will Diddy face criminal charges if found guilty?

Criminal charges can be pursued separately from civil lawsuits. If there is sufficient evidence and the statute of limitations has not expired, Diddy may face criminal charges if found guilty.