Did Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have a secret weekend vacation before his split with Sofia? Read for details.

A couple of days before his divorce from Sofia Richie, Scott Disick was welcomed by his ex and mom of his kids, Kourtney Kardashian, to Utah, to go through the end of the week together and an interior report professes to know why. The previous couple additionally commended their birthday together in Los Angeles, while Sofia didn’t try wishing her a cheerful birthday!


A source reveals to HollywoodLife that the Memorial Day family trip was Kardashian’s thought.


They proceeded to clarify that she ‘welcomed Scott to join her and the kids on their escape to Amangiri (resort in Canyon Point, Utah) since she realizes that she is so glad to have the kids around her. It likewise feels like it’s one of the most mending places he’s at any point been, so I realized it would be useful for Scott. ”

The source near the KarJenners additionally shared through a similar site Scott has been chipping away at ‘on her issues and putting it all on the line to improve to make it simpler for her to have him around. (Kourtney) feels certain that he’s back in good shape and getting a charge out of solid and positive interruptions as he keeps on recouping. ”


As fans know, toward the end of last month, a photograph of Scott was spilled at a recovery community, making him leave following he had not yet finished treatment.


His legal advisor discharged an announcement clarifying that his customer had enrolled to ‘acknowledge and manage the torment Scott has been languishing peacefully over numerous years because of the abrupt passing of his mom (in 2013), trailed by the demise of his dad 3 months after the fact. ”


However, regardless of sources saying he would keep on getting help in the security of his own home, somebody revealed to Page Six that a month after the recovery season, “Scott had come back to his old ways and Sofia was exhausted.”