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Did a third person enter LeToya Luckett and Tommi Walker’s relationship? Is the husband a cheater?

Love is an unparalleled feeling that unites different souls together. Anyone who has ever fallen in love would know the feeling of having experienced that when they were in the moment of love. Cheating is a bad habit that people resort to and spoil the essence of this feeling. The love that binds two individuals is unique and must be cherished by them and not be spoilt.

If ever found cheating, the individuals must learn how to claim their rights to the other individual and have a fair chance at explaining themselves. It is a must in relationships and must be done without an exception. Excuses at such a time would fail to work and all that is left is a bond that weakens beyond repair.

What was the story behind LeToya Luckett and Tommi Walker?

The two individuals are known for their love and marriage that is strong enough from ever. The two have been married and are having a child and will be expecting another child soon. The relationship between the two had weakened and needed repair after some news about them having separated were circulating.

Without commenting on the information about them separating, we would like to distinguish between what all that was said was right and what all was wrong. LeToya has won awards for her talent at singing and is an established singer in the industry. The recent incidence that had happened was sufficient to shock their fans.

Before the two had slept together, Tommi had slept with another, anonymous girl who is believed to have been close to him. This came at a time when the two are having a phase where they need each other and are the ultimate support systems of the other.

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