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Devin Booker And Kendall Jenner Were Clicked While Going Out On A Hush Hush Dinner Date! What is going on??

While things exactly did not go as planned for Devin Booker at the NBA Bubble after the Phoenix Suns were eliminated for it, however, the NFL player might have been enjoying some time with his ladylove in the meantime.

Devin Booker And Kendall Jenner Went On A Dinner Date!

Recently, Devin Booker was seen going out on dinner with supermodel Kendall Jenner. While the duo was earlier seen filtering on Instagram seem to have decided to take things to a new level and go out on cute dinner dates.

The rumored couple was spotted at Nobu, Malibu, and were accompanied by makeup mogul Kylie Jenner as well. They were earlier this year also spotted together at Sedona, Arizona. So, while the couple has not made anything official it seems like the two are hitting it off.

The Two Have Been Spotted Together On Multiple Occasions!

Despite being spotted together for a couple of times and some flirting that was seen online, the two have been denying such dating rumors saying that they are just friends and hang out in the same group! However, all the dating rumors are surely going to intensify after this dinner date incident this time!

While the pair is trying hard to concave their Hush hush romance, it seems like after getting clicked several times it is pretty clear that the pair are definitely not just friends and something is surely brewing between the two. However, none of the two have made any such statements in social media . So we might have to wait a while till either one talks about this budding romance. We sure are rooting for the two as they look adorable together.

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