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Destiny 2: New Light is one of the most trendiest games. But which class should you pick?

Destiny 2: New Light is quite generous compared to most other games. The players can access this game for free and there is no free trial involved. The players can play this game as long as they want. We can perform many activities and explore multiple destinations without having to spend a single penny. This game is available to play on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

But before hunting any robots or aliens, the players need to pick a class. There are three classes in Destiny 2: Warlocks, Hunters and Titans. All three classes use the same kind of weapons, but their movement and powers are extremely different. All three classes are brilliant in their own ways, but it is essential to know which class to select to assemble the best group.

For best gameplay, experts suggest going with Titan class. This beefy guy has all the required qualities to take part in any raid and excel in a Crucible match. The choice of class will allow the players two shields and a wide variety of subclasses. The Sentinel subclass allows the player to access a powerful shield that can protect the group. The Titans can also access the Striker subclass, which allows them to power through the Guardians.

The titans are the emperors of the Crucible and it has to face a good level of competition. But the Titans can endure a higher level of damage and they are great for playing in groups. The Titans can use their shield to protect their team members, which can change the entire game. The Titan also has some great movies which are easy to execute and can kill the enemy with a single hit.

Titans do not have to move around a lot, and it is a better option to stay near the majority of the team. Because in case of emergencies, they can use a shield to protect more number of members. But to take full advantage of the game, it is beneficial for the player to mould themselves into all three classes. If they are in it for a long duration, playing with all three classes will give them the opportunity to experience the powers of the classes to their full capability.

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