Designated Survivor Season 4 is coming sooner than you know along with Tom Kirkman! Check out release date, plot and more details.

The political thriller drama, Designated Survivor is gonna be back for its season four. First two seasons of the series steamed on ABC while the third one was launched by Netflix that too worldwide. And right now, it has all the three seasons on it.

Since the third season ended in 2019, the viewers has been desperate for the release of Designated Survivor season 4. But unfortunately, as per the present scenario, there was an announcement made in July 2019 that season 4 has been cancelled. But we should not lose hope. There has been many situations when Netflix brought back the cancelled shows. Thus, there are hopes for Designated Survivor to return for a fourth season.

Talking about the storyline of the show, since it has been cancelled we can’t exactly say what’s gonna happen. If the show comes back for a fourth season, it’ll probably continue with where it left in the third season. Thus, nothing can be said about the plot for season four.

Now are you wondering who all will be returning back for the fourth season if it comes back? Well, most probably all or majority of the cast members are expected to return back for their roles. However, we can’t surely say anything about it now. Kiefer Sutherland will return to play Tom Kirkman, Emily Rhodes will be played by Italia Ricci. In addition, Anthony Edwards can be back for his role as Mars Harper.

Some other cast members are, Benjamin Charles Watson, Jamie Clayton, Adan Canto and last but not the least Elena Tovar. All these members are expected to return but nothing can be assured of. However, Morning Picker will update you with all the lastest information regarding the show, stay tuned.