Derulo in controversy as his costume in his upcoming movie’s trailer creates a buzz

The music artist, Jason Derulo, is all set for his upcoming movie but his form-fitting and all-too revealing costume, during his shoot has got him in dire straits.

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Is this better? 😂

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Jason claims that his genitalia was air-brushed out of the Cats movie

The famous Swalla song singer, Jason Derulo, was observed wearing something unusual in his pants which brought him in attention. On being questioned about the same by a fan, the 30-year-old actor claimed that it was simply an anaconda. According to Jason in a recent interview with Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM channel, the CGI artists had to make more modifications than just adding feline features to his face and body. This statement made by Derulo brought Andy in action and there was a short conversation between the two at the show, regarding the filming of Derulo in his tight outfit.

“CGI’d the d–k out?” he finished the question.

Andy clarified because he felt that the costume team airbrushed Jason’s penis out of the ‘Cats’ film. To which Jason confirmed and added that he could see that in the trailer and there wasn’t any of his faults in bringing out the bulge out of his pants.

According to a report by TMZ, stating that, the eminent singer has a standing offer from a porn company to post as many thirsty pictures as he wants over the next six months for a cool $500 grand.

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Us against the world

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The explicit Instagram post story

Earlier this year in November, Derulo, posted a picture of himself on Instagram, that showed him in form-fitting briefs with a serious bulge between his legs. But, the content displayed in the photograph, seemed to be irrelevant, which forced Instagram to pull down his picture. He didn’t accept that and made sure that he was semi-aroused when the picture was snapped.