Derek Hough has now become the judge on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ after replacing Len Goodman! Check out for more details.

Entertainment shows are meant for the purpose to keep an individual entertained and indulged in the world of sorrows and hardships. Out of all shows, the acting ones take the maximum TRP and eyes of people, however, the physical fitness enhancing shows are mostly seen inferior to the ones in the world filled with the desire to stay entertained and enjoyable.

However, the shows that concern dances and other physical activities are unique and are liked by those who promote the same. Singing and dancing are two ways in which a person shows their talent in the most cherished form. However, there are other ways to express one’s talent along with those two. Those who like dance shows must have heard the names of a few dance shows, one of the famous ones being dancing with the stars. That show has gained a huge fanbase and is liked by several people from several walks of life.

What is the change in the show that is talked about?

The show will be seeing modifications in the panel of judges that it has. Len Goodman was one of the judges of the show and was the face of the show due to his good sense of entertainment and ability to capture the audience with his replies and skills at keeping the participants aware of their abilities and his way of putting the same in a fun and light way. This comes with the replacement by Derek Hough who would be taking over the panel replacing Goodman.

Although his fan base is at par with that of Derek, the show would be seeing different with a change that will be brought to it and the public will take time to adjust.