Demon Slayer season 2: What does Tanjiro and Nezuko’s future have in store now? Check out release date, plot, cast, and more updates.

A sad yet adventurous story, the Demon Slayer is a series that has unraveled all the limits that a series can have in terms of fanbase and fun at the same time. Directed by Yuki Kajiura, Demon Slayer is a series that is based on the story of a family that meets an unpredictable situation that is tough for the members to come out of. A Japanese series, Demon Slayer is no less a thriller than other series these days.

What is the plot of the story?

Tanjiro, the lead character of the series is led into an emotional and revenge-seeking situation where he has to take a firm step with what he had intended to do. His father was their family’s source of earning, after he was gone, he was the only one responsible for the same. His other family members meet a tragic fate one day. They were attacked by some external force and the only survivor of the attack was his sister who escaped the deadly wrath of the attack.

What are the updates on the upcoming seasons of the series?

After the ending of season 1, the second season is planned to release in October 2020. However, the situations that came along the way made the premiere date shift by a few months to 2021. Fans need to wait until then for the second season to release and see the amusement of the series as it continues to another stage with a new season. 

What will be the changes in the cast if any?

The major characters will remain the same as the previous season. If there are changes introduced, they will be subtle changes to the crew. However, no major change has been yet introduced.