Demi Moore reveals it all in her upcoming memoir Inside Out!


Demi Moore bares it all in her upcoming memoir Inside Out. The actress talked about the extreme lows in life from suffering a miscarriage, followed by a phase of substance abuse. The actress has been brave and vulnerable in sharing her struggles and life in the memoir.

She shared her experience, saying, “It is exciting, and yet I feel very vulnerable… There is no cover of a character. It is not somebody else’s interpretation of me.” In the memoir, she talks about her miscarriage with her then-boyfriend Ashton Kutcher. She revealed how she took it hard and blamed herself, and also took to drinking to get through her grief. She started abusing Vicodin, and things went downhill.

The drinking and drugs abuse led to her health failing her and well as her relationship with her daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout Willis her second husband Bruce Willis also failing. She revealed that even her organs were shutting down. She then took steps to cope and get better and joined a rehab to combat her substance abuse. She credited her friend and fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow for supporting her and helping her in her journey to recovery.Demi Moore reveals it all in her upcoming memoir Inside Out! 3 The actress also opened up about her autoimmune disease and digestive problems. She also wrote about being raped at 15. She spoke on her marriages and her relationships with her children and so much more. She discussed the gender pay gap in Hollywood and being criticized for earning more and struggling to deal with all the negativity that came with her fame.

She opened up about the difficult period when she was not being offered any roles and how tough it was for her to cope up with aging. She also shed light on her role as a producer and her recent projects. The book is set to release on September 24, 2019.