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Demi Lovato spent her 28th birthday trying to get justice for Breonna Taylor! Check out her campaign.

Black lives matter has been trending in recent times after the incident that happened with George Floyd and that spurred even more violence towards the people who were at the victim end for whom the demands were placed.

Not only did that rage debates through the officials and higher authorities who could take a step to garner the values of peace and morals into the individual. from actresses to the professionals who have kept a keen eye at the incident and wanted to bring reforms to the system that was taking place for a long time in the past.

Be it the apartheid movement or nelson mandella winning the Nobel prize for their work to the field, it has never been eradicated from the roots and yet sees ways to improve on the grounds of black movements. Not many days after the protests raged was there another nerve-chilling experience by a black innocent.

What was the story?

There have been instances where the blacks have been targeted for several issues that they have not even committed and that is a sad information by the virtue of them losing their lives to policemen and civilians. Breonna Taylor was a black woman who had to give up on her life due to the misinformation which was used as an excuse to kill her at her home. She was suspected to have kept drugs with her and her home was broken down to confirm the same.

The policemen shot 8 bullets at her and that caused her life. Demi Lovato who is 28 now recalls the moment that had happened and called herself fortunate to be alive to celebrate that day, unlike Breonna who had to succumb to her injuries for something she was alleged to have done. 

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