Demi Lovato is taking the most out of Disneyland with her new BF Austin Wilson

American Pop-stars and their personal affairs are something, we can’t get enough of and this is no different as we are going to look at the personal life of Demi Lovato and what she is up to these days.

Recently, Demi Lovato who is not so socially active these days was found at the “World’s happiest place” with her newfound love Austin Wilson.

What are Demi and her bf doing there? Let’s find out….

The iconic couple was enjoying a date night at the Disneyland, where they first spotted holding each other hands and Demi who seems to be quite happy as she was binging on a pickle heading towards the Space Mountain.

After which, they waited for the Matterhorn roller-coaster with them being very close to each other and being accompanied by tour guides and bodyguards, both seems to be quite comfortable, but not for long as the ride started Austin started to get a little scared as he just kept his eyes shut, while Demi seems to be quite happy while she was on the ride.

The duo has made their love official, last month on Instagram by sharing similar shots of each other and captioning their shots with love emojis and adding quotes on love.yet, on the other side, The “Sorry Not Sorry” is quite busy with her acting career.

As she is going to be part of the show “Will and Grace” season 6 which is going to be released on Feb. 6 as per the officials. Eurovision which is going to be a song contest, she is also a part of the alongside Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams and others which is in production, also she is a part of Camp Rock 3 as Mitchie Torres adding one more album on the way, She is busy as hell