Demi Lovato Is All Set To Launch New Music Track After Her Comeback From Rehab!

Demi Lovato announced her upcoming music after coming from rehab. Read on to know more about her new comeback music.

Demi Lovato is coming back with new music after rehab

The 27-year-old beautiful singer Demi Lovato is a rehab comeback and is ready to come back with her new music. We have to say, Demi Lovato’s comeback is full of surprises for her fans. She shared this announcement with her all the loving fans on Instagram. She shared a big hint about her new music.

She shared a photograph of her and added a caption that “I am recording a song of my loyal #Lovatics. And I am creating this, especially for those who supported me and made me a happier person always. And along with this lovely statement, she added a waving hand emoji.

Lovato also added a soundless video of her new music and nominated producer Oak Felder, who was seen dancing on her track. And parallelly, she teased her fans, writing that, “Wouldn’t you’ll like to hear….”.

Demi Lovato has apologized to her parents and loved ones

Demi’s last track was released in June 2018, which was the emotional music track of her “Sober.” Lovato was sent to rehab as she started getting addicted to cocaine and alcohol abuse and battle because of her high stress. Though, she apologized to her parents and loved ones that they go through with a lot of bad stuff because of her addiction.

The new upcoming music track will be Demi’s first release after a rehab comeback.