Demi Lovato Dropped Out of NBC’s Hunger for a Strange Reason – Details Below

Demi Lovato will not star in NBC’s ‘Hunger’ 

The famous American singer Demi Lovato surprisingly stepped down from acting duties in the ‘Hunger’ project. Sources says she dropped out of starring because of her busy schedule. Hence, the movie will recast the role to get the series produced as scheduled.

In April 2021, NBC announced the release of its forthcoming comedy show ‘Hunger’ as a single-camera comedy. However, later, it decided to make it in multi-camera format with a new cast.

Demi Lovato
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Deep into the storyline

The storyline mainly revolves around a group of good friends supporting each other at every point. Moreover, they belong to a food-issues group who live together and help each other. In the journey of discovering love and success, they find a perfect company. The day, may be high or low, ‘the perfect thing in the fridge’ perfectly completes the day.

Incredible Cast and Crew of ‘Hunger’

Many notable actors including ‘Hot in Cleveland’ alum Valerie Bertinelli, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias of ‘Mr Iglesias’ and ‘The Fluffy Movie’,  Ashley D. Kelley, Ryan McPartlin of ‘Twinkle all the Way,’ ‘Helluva Boss’ famed Alex Brightman and many more will shape out the cast. The series will roll under Hazy Mills of Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, Universal Television and SB Projects. Meanwhile, ‘Friends’ and ‘Will & Grace’ credited James Burrows will serve as the director of ‘Hunger’.

Demi Lovato
CREDIT- ddlovato

Besides, Suzanne Martin will pen down the screenplay simultaneously with executive production. Along with, Scooter Braun, Milliner, Braun, Scott Manson, Hayes and James Shin sit in the forefront in executive production section. Moreover, though Demi Lovato denied her role for her scheduling issues, but she will still remain the part of exec production of the much-awaited sitcom.