Deeply troubling jail video of Jeffrey Epstien’s first suicide attempt deleted by ‘technical errors’

Jeffrey Epstein’s first suicide attempt surveillance video footage is lost due to technical errors and mistake on the part of Metropolitan Correctional Centre, Manhattan
Jeffrey Epstein suicide attempt video lost

Jeffrey Epstein was accused of trafficking and sexually exploiting minor girls at his homes on New York and Palm Beach, Florida for satisfying his sexual obsessions, from 2002 to 2005. He was arrested for the same on early July of 2019. On 23rd July 2019 he was found with a bedsheet around his neck in his prison cell. After that he was put on a temporary suicide watch.
Jeffrey died on August 10 at Metropolitan Correctional Centre (MMC) in Manhattan. His death was ruled as a suicide by hanging by the New York Medical Examiner. The U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman revealed to judge through a letter on this Thursday that surveillance video footage of the area around the jail cell of Jeffrey’s on the day he survived his first alleged suicide no longer exists. The federal prosecutors stated that it was permanently deleted.
How the video was deleted?

The surveillance video footage around their cell was requested by Nicholas Tartaglione after two days of the Jeffrey’s first alleged suicide attempt. He was a former police officer and Jeffrey’s cellmate who claimed that he had saved Jeffrey from the suicide attempt.

It was stated by the government on this Thursday that the requested video no longer exists on the backup system since August 2019 due to technical errors. The prosecutors wrote in their letter to the US District court that the video does not exist due to computer technical errors. When MCC was asked to record and the video of Jeffrey’s and Nicholas cell, they have incorrectly entered Nicholas cell number due to which wrong surveillance video was recorded and saved. Barket, the lawyer of Nicholas also complained in December that the footage was missing from the computer system but the prosecutors claimed that they founded the footage.