“Deeply heartbroken” – Keke Palmer on being cheated upon by YG

Keke Palmer dated American rapper YG and disclosed in a journal video that she cried heavily when she got to know about the man expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend.

Keke with YG
Keke Palmer with YG

The lady actor and singer revealed this in one of her journal videos up on the video-sharing platform YouTube. She parted ways with YG, real name Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson when she heard of the news. The man released this on an interview with NYS Hot 97 that his former girlfriend Catelyn was pregnant with his baby. He said that he’s anticipating his first kid and that the news is going to scare his birds off.

He said in the interview, ” Ya’ll got me up here releasing information that I ain’t supposed to be releasing.”

Keke’s words

Keke was disturbed with the thundering news and cried her heart out. “Seen Keenon tonight,” she said in the video. She added that she was deeply heartbroken and was thinking of letting the man go away.

Keke said that YG and she respect each other but their personal lives are just not lined up. She hates that she cares and is into him still. She truly just wished she wasn’t. The actress admitted that her heart is broken and she had been crying about the baby all morning.

Link to journal video: Listen at 2:40


Both Keke and YG were signed with Interscope Records and were seen snuggling with each other in 2014. They were not spotted making love anymore after YG announced about him and his former partner.
The actor was seen moving around with her ex Quincy Brown and then was together with Elvin Jackson. She has not been with anyone since after her separation with Elvin. She even turned down Mike Johnson when asked out by him on live TV.

Keke has been a part of many TV shows such as Scream Queens and True Jackson VP. Her debut album So Uncool released in 2007 through Atlantic Records.