Death threat got viral! Another Male victim Andrew Glennon threatened by Amber Portwood to stab on his neck!

The relationship between Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon isn’t going quite well for the past one year. The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star is allegedly accused of home violence by Andrew Glennon. Two audio recordings of Amber were leaked in which she is heard abusing and threatening Andrew.

What were the audio recordings about?

The couple Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood are parents to a 2-year old child named James. The audio recording which got leaked is all about abusing Andrew and also blaming for getting her pregnant. She can be heard saying that she doesn’t want this life and also doesn’t want a baby. The female is also heard body-shaming the person. She threatens him that she will ruin his career and he won’t get any work from the industry. The whole incident is happening in front of a 2-year child who is in the hands of Andrew. Amber can also be heard hitting Andrew on which Andrew says to stop hurting him because James is in his hands. The female tells him to get out of the house and also threatens to stab him on his neck.

Source of the audio recordings:

‘With out A Crystal Ball’ posted these audio recordings. Katherine Paulson, the writer of ‘With out A Crystal Ball’ explains everything in detail. She confirms that a source close to the couple gave them the video. She also confirmed that neither Amber nor Andrew are involved in leaking this audio recording. According to sources, the audio recording is from the Christmas Eve of 2018.

Previous charges on Amber:

On 5th July Andrew accused her of assaulting him after which she got arrested. Portwood’s ex also accused her of violence and harassment. It will be interesting to see how will these audio recordings impact her professional career.