‘Dear White People’ returning with season 4? Stay tuned to tickle your funny bone with Season 3, hopefully, not the end!

‘Dear White People’ to have a volume 4 after season 3’s wrap up? Find out.

The American comedy-drama on Netflix, ‘Dear White People’ came with its third season on August 2. All the fans are talking about post the end of Season 3 is if there will be a season 4, but there is no clarity from the digital medium yet.

The show created by Justin Simien is based on his movie from 2014 by the same name. The series that stars Logan Browning, Brandon Bell, John Patrick, DeRon Horton, and Marque Richardson, explores the chronicles of several black students at the Winchester University as they steer through the sensitive issues of racism, discrimination and sexual politics on the campus. The series consists of 10 episodes in each season and focuses on each character in every episode and explores the dynamics between the characters.

News on Dear White People Season 4

As of now, there are no new updates on the series for a new season. However, it’s only been ten days since Netflix dropped the 3rd season so it can very well be assumed that the gargantuan streaming medium is taking time before deciding on the fate of the show like it always does all for its series. Since Netflix doesn’t release its numbers, it is a little difficult to predict the future of this show.

Season 3

‘Dear White People’ returning with season 4? Stay tuned to tickle your funny bone with Season 3, hopefully, not the end! 1
Dear White People dropped its season 3 in August.

The cliffhanger in Season three’s finale has definitely paved the way for the next volume. Season 3 shows that “The Narrator” is a professor from the university who is on sabbatical, Dr. Ruskin Bond (Giancarlo Esposito). He tells Samantha (Logan Browning) and Lionel (DeRon Horton) about the secret, mysterious society, order X, and that it has been corrupted for retaining supremacy and wealth, and it could affect their futures. Season 3 ended with Troy (Brandon Bell) displaying a cufflink with Order X’s symbol inscribed on it stating “we need to talk,” from his dad.

There is still a large part of the story left to be told to the viewers, which can easily make into a new season. The show that got surrounded by the controversies initially was positively received by the people. It holds an aggregate rating of 95% on rotten tomatoes and 6.6 IMDb ranking.

The expected date for season 4

If Netflix does renew the show for season 4 then fans can expect to watch the show in the fall of 2020 as per the pattern of previous three seasons which were released on 28 April 2017, 4 May 2018 and 2 August 2019, respectively.

Stay tuned for further updates.