Deadpool 3 Rumored To Be In Production But Will Ryan Reynolds Make A Comeback As The Beloved Hero?

Deadpool has fast become one of the biggest superheroes with a dedicated fan base. It is also credited with revitalizing Ryan Reynold’s career, making him a top leading actor in Hollywood. Most of the appeal for the superhero comes from his ‘anti-hero’ personality. 


Unlike other caped crusaders, Deadpool is one who doesn’t take himself too seriously. And also isn’t hung up on being a ’good guy.’ And not to mention his witty take on everythingSo, obviously, fans are waiting eagerly for any news of the next movie in the Deadpool series. 

But, there is an unexpected occurrence. Disney just bought the whole Marvel universe and even Deadpool for itself. That means that all the new decisions regarding the Marvel movies will be made by the heads at Disney. Several rumors are going around that suggest that Disney is looking for a complete reboot.  

People are saying that they might change the whole cast as well, adding new faces to the roster instead. However, fear not as Deadpool might be one of the few superheroes which won’t have to face this change. Reynolds was recently seen at Marvel Studios having a meeting. Moreover, Disney has also registered for a new production company. And what is the nameFinger Guns Productions LLC which sounds very Deadpool like. 

If that is really the case, it will definitely be fun to see Deadpool enter the Marvel cinematic universe. The writers of the movie Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick just discussed in October that they are excited for any crossovers happening. Maybe we’ll see Spider-Man or Captain America with Deadpool in the next movie, who knows? 

Although there hasn’t been any official confirmation yet, the writers are ready for the third installment in the Deadpool series anytime. And so are we! Watch this space to keep yourself updated.