“Dead to Me” Season 2 Filming Over: Release date postponed due to Coronavirus?? Casting updates, Release Date and more…


Dead to Me Season 2 is due to release as fans and followers await it. The season one of the dark comedy was released on Netflix in May 2019 and has been liked much by the viewers all across.

Release Date and Casting updates

The show announced itself for another season soon after the release of the first one. Thus by all forms of optimism, we expect the new season to drop in 2020 itself. As the exact release dates are not revealed yet, there is a possibility of further delay due to a recent coronavirus outbreak.

The lead stars Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini will return in their roles for the second installment of Dead to Me. Natalie Morales might be an addition to the cast in the role of Michelle. Luke Roessler, Sam McCarthy, and Max Jenkins can reprise their roles along with some others.

What is coming up for the next season of Dead to Me:

The show is based on the friendship between Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) who ran into each other at a seminar as turned into close mates soon after. The season ended at a suspenseful twist with the appearance of the dead body of Judy’s ex-fiance Steve (played by James Marsden) floating in a swimming pool. All the signs hint on Jen shooting the man.

But it’s something more than we might assume. The writer Liz Feldman says that the climax “is not exactly what you think”. And “Netflix will have to order a season two for us all to find out” if it was really Jen shooting Steve.

In a talk with The Hollywood Reporter, Feldman said that it would be the pleasure and honor of her life to do the show for as many seasons as it makes sense. Adding she said, “I would do this show forever if I could.”

Dead to Me was up on the streaming giant platform within a year of its announcement. The makers wrapped the shooting for the second season in December 2019. While the trailer is yet to release, you can enjoy the first one right below.