DC Universe Wonder Twins to become a live action movie? Warner Bros in talks with Adam Sztykiel

DC’s Wonder Twins in talks to become a live-action movie

Warner Bros is now planning to give Wonder Twins a major upgrade. After the brother-sister duo’s appearance in the 1977 animated television series The All New Super Friends Hour, they are now getting a full revamp in the form of a live-action movie.

The Wonder Twins
DC Comics/Stephen Byrne

Yes, it’s time to say “Wonder Twin Power, activate!”

Warner Bros has taken on Adam Sztykiel for the project

For the live-action movie with HBO Max, Warner Bros reached out to Adam Sztykiel to play the role of the writer and the director.

It is not an unknown fact that Adam and Warner Bros have had a long history together. The two have worked on several comedies including Project X, We’re the Millers, Due Date and even on the upcoming Dwayne Johnson starrer Black Adam.

Adam Sztykiel
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

The established film producer and screenwriter also worked as a writer and producer for Warner Animation Group’s Scoob!

Apart from Sztykiel, the Temple Hill pair Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen will be producers of the project Wonder Twins. Temple Hill has established its name by working on some very popular projects including the Twilight Saga, The Fault in Our Stars, Love Simon and more.

Who are The Wonder Twins?

The Wonder Twins revolves around the story of a pair of alien siblings called Zan and Jayna. The brother-sister duo come from the Exxor planet and a pet space monkey Gleek is there to give them company. The two have some amazing superpowers- while Zan can transform into any water form, Jayna has the capability of shape-shifting into animals.

The Wonder Twins
DC Comics/Stephen Byrne

The siblings can activate their powers by touching rings and saying their catchphrase out loud- “Wonder Twin Power, activate!”

After their appearance on the 1977 animated series, the duo later appeared in DC comics. Furthermore, we also saw them in the main universe on episodes of “The Flash”, “Teen Titans Go!” and “Smallville.”