“Day of the Dead” Barbie rises concern all over Mexico and for what reason exactly are these people rising their voices?

Probably everyone is familiar with the Mexican festival “Day of the Dead” from Disney’s Coco. In Mexican culture, “Day of the Dead” is considered a sacred day when a gateway between the world of the living and the world of dead opens.

The Day of the Dead is a celebrated holiday where the living ones pay their respects and honor their beloved ones who have passed away.

Image: Kids Activities Blog

On the coming Thursday, Mattel Inc is all due to set a new limited-edition Barbie, “Day of the Dead” Barbie. Mattel Inc is now hoping that this limited edition Barbie might become their gateway into Mexico and its culture. And the doll is not intended in any way to be a portal into the realm of the dead.

Michelle Chidoni, a representative from Mattel Inc, has said that they are trying to figure out new ways to keep girls and their families engaged in gaining knowledge and celebrate new cultures they come across. Michelle Chidoni added that the company right now is hoping that their limited edition Barbie will honor the festival along with millions of Mexicans and to introduce this day to people who are not familiar with it across the globe and explain the rich meaning behind the traditions and celebrations.

The “Day of the Dead” Barbie is going be sold at $75 and comes in a black mermaid dress that is adorned with marigold and monarch butterflies.

Many people in and out of Mexico have expressed their worries that the company is using Mexicans sacred 3000-year-old traditions to make a profit.

The executive director of a non-profit organization, Mano a Mano, said that his organization works to preserve Mexican traditions and present Mexican culture in New York. He added that he is a lot concerned about the wearing of his country’s traditions as it crosses into the USA’s culture.

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