David Beckham took his kids out for fireworks night without wife Victoria; Read on to know where was Victoria and why she was not with her family??

David Beckham, a professional footballer and his wife, a businesswoman, fashion designer, and singer Victoria Beckham are possessive and caring about their children. Both are leading an extreme level of busy lives, but they always make sure that one of them is still at home with their children when other is working.

And, that’s what happened on Tuesday evening, David took his three children from four, son, Brooklyn, 19, Cruz, 14, and daughter Harper, 8, to an evening out to watch a firework display on Bonfire Night. However, Victor was busy with her work commitments, and she missed this fantastic family trip.

David shared a beautiful picture with his three children and paid tribute to his wife, as well as his middle son Romeo, 19, who also missed the outing.

As we all know, the Beckham family have a very luxurious lifestyle, but still, the couple David and Victor are always determined to keep their children grounded. Even they have shared a lot of things related to their parenting techniques and strategies in various interviews.

David and Victoria shared their parenting thoughts

Victor has an interview with British Airways, where she admitted that I hope that my work ethics and determination towards work is inspiring my kids to have the same attitude in their future professions. She added, “You should never feel guilty if you are a working mother; you should feel proud. As you are seriously inspiring your children to have determination and strength to work, when you are going work, you are presenting yourself as a strong woman”.

David also shared something about his upbringing techniques to the Telegraph. He said, “Mine and my kid’s upbringings have a lot of differences, so this is always a fear factor.” And I think it is natural because the day you have kids, you always worry. And even, this is the most beautiful thing in the world to experience. But we cannot deny the fact that we are bringing our kids in the world where you have to protect them.

The Beckham family exactly looks like a happy family. I think their coordination and understanding is the key to their happiness.