Dash and Lily is premiering on Netflix very soon! Here is every latest update you need to know.

Dash and Lily is the series that is what I personally am looking forward to this year. With immense happiness and gratefulness, we will be making an announcement with this article that was claimed by the main core team of the series.


The series has created enough buzz and baffle due to the pandemic, something that they did not have control over. With the official accounts of the series characters and the show itself making claims on social media, what we know so far is sufficient for many of us to make a blueprint of the plan that we can execute over the time to come.

The cast is already selected for the series and so would the future information be given to everyone. We will be pleased to watch the series which is evident by the official statements made by the people involved in the series. This year will be great for those who were disappointed after the pandemic broke out as the year-end will be the time when most of the series will be premiering and releasing after a long gap after their post-production.

The best part of the journey is that the public has not lost interest in the series yet and will continue to maintain the wait and the patience that they have before the release of the series.


When will the series be released?

The series will be released in December as a piece of confirmed news as the team has made the declaration. a holiday filled with dreams and a wonderful location as New York City is only the starting of the list of things that will be awaited in the series and would be the attraction for others.