Dark season 3: will Jonas be able to be a hero and save the world from the upcoming apocalypse? Check for all details.

The best show for people loving thriller and tragic kinda stories. The show that’ll build a great amount of suspense and super excited. Then Dark is a perfect and must watch show for you. It is the first Netflix original series from Germany. Season one of which launched three years ago on 1st December, 2017. The series is a science and fiction thriller drama that you’ll enjoy watching.


Second season of the superhit series was also released earlier and now it’s time for the premier of the third season. However, a final date is not revealed by the showmakers but according to the rumors, the series will probably release on 27 June, 2020. But, we need to wait for the final confirmation of the date.

Talking about what the show is all about. The show is set in a place called Winden. It’s a small town in Germany. Everyone living there has a dark past and some deep secrets that connect their lives. However, the conditions worsen when children of the place start getting disappeared in thin air.


This takes us to the lead role of the series, that is a teenager boy and two police officers. Family relations of the people living out there gets in danger when the secrets behind the vanished children and their past is revealed. Now in season three we’ll probably get to see a deeper exploration of these dark realities. However, the storyline for the third season is not confirmed by the showmakers yet.


Next, moving ahead to the trailer. It has not been released yet. We’ll inform you about all the further updates regarding the show as soon as it is disclosed. Stay tuned for that.