Dark Phoenix- Honest trailers punches hard at the dying X-Men franchise!

Dark Phoenix is a 2019 superhero movie, but it’s so much more than that. The reputation of the movie is big, but the reviews say another story. They based Dark Phoenix on MCU’s X-Men. It is the last of the X-Men franchise and unlike what people expected; It did not deliver. The failed end to an amazing start disappointed the fans. The other eleven movies of the franchise were a huge hit, but something did not click with this movie.

The Honest Trailers gave the already sinking movie, another punch on its guts. They said that the movie had no substance of its own. The plot felt like a recycled version of X-Men 3 with major Jean Grey scenes. But they didn’t even know to make that work. They went off the path with explaining the potential of the phoenix force too. They did not clear the doubts that the people had after the last movie. Fans did not understand how Magneto became a free man in the movie; they did not get how X-Men had a hotline to the president. Plus, they made the movie with a huge time leap; the characters had not aged a bit.

The Honest Trailers were very brutal about the movie and did not pull any stops. The storyline, direction, and production are three of the major departments. And Dark phoenix failed in all three. They compared the movie to a decomposing human body after death. The Honest Trailers also called out to the directors for making all the superheroes look ridiculous in their poses. Usually, they find out at least one or two good things about the movie they are roasting. But none of that happened in case of Dark Phoenix.

The conclusion is that Dark Phoenix was a disappointing end to the marvelous series. It failed to keep up with the expectations of the fans. The Honest Trailers guys suggest reading the X-Men comic books instead of wasting time to watch the movie. Ouch.