Dan Harmon Drops Exciting Hint About Upcoming Rick and Morty Movie! Don’t Miss Out!

Dan Harmon Teases ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie, Future Plans

Dan Harmon Teases ‘Rick and Morty’ Movie, Future Plans

In an exciting turn of events for fans of the hit animated series Rick and Morty, show creator Dan Harmon has recently revealed tantalizing details about a potential Rick and Morty movie and future plans for the franchise. Harmon’s comments have ignited speculation and excitement within the fan community, and here’s everything we know so far:

Zack Snyder’s Interest in a Rick and Morty Film

Harmon shares an intriguing anecdote about renowned filmmaker Zack Snyder expressing his enthusiasm for a Rick and Morty movie. Snyder’s interest in the project as a super fan has sparked curiosity and potential collaboration possibilities.

Potential Collaborations with Snyder

While nothing has been confirmed, Harmon suggests that Zack Snyder’s involvement in a Rick and Morty film could bring a unique perspective and possibly leverage Snyder’s expertise in the industry. Harmon jokingly mentions wanting to start with a “Snyder cut” of the movie to further entice fans.

The Ball is Rolling

Despite the lack of a concrete script or outline, Harmon hints that discussions with Warner Bros. executives have indicated the time is right to move forward with a Rick and Morty movie. The focus is on finding the right conceit for the film, ensuring it remains true to the series while delivering an exceptional cinematic experience.

Super Badass Episode of Rick and Morty

Harmon expresses his philosophy for the movie, emphasizing the desire to create a super badass episode of Rick and Morty on the big screen. He envisions extra resources being allocated to elevate the animation quality and incorporate mind-bending sequences.

A Standalone Adventure

Rather than relying heavily on series canon, Harmon believes the Rick and Morty movie should function as a standalone adventure, similar to the concept behind Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. By doing so, it allows for creative freedom and avoids potential pitfalls of altering the series’ established narrative.

The Future of Rick and Morty

Harmon reassures fans that the show is far from over. Multiple seasons have already been written, and there’s a well-established process in place. Harmon’s vision extends to 100 seasons for Rick and Morty, ensuring a long and exciting journey for the beloved characters.

The Final Moments

While contemplating the eventual conclusion of Rick and Morty, Harmon ponders the potential final moments or scenes. One captivating idea involves Morty turning 15 and embracing newfound independence, leading to cataclysmic events akin to the sinking of the Titanic. It highlights the show’s ability to navigate dark and unexpected territory.


The possibility of a Rick and Morty movie and Harmon’s future plans for the franchise have stirred great anticipation among fans. While many details are yet to be revealed, the prospect of seeing Rick and Morty’s misadventures on the big screen is undeniably thrilling for both longtime followers and newcomers alike.


1. Will the Rick and Morty movie be a continuation of the series?

No, Dan Harmon envisions the movie as a standalone adventure that does not significantly impact the series’ canon.

2. Is there any release date set for the Rick and Morty movie?

As of now, no official release date has been announced. However, discussions and planning are underway.

3. How long will the Rick and Morty movie be?

Dan Harmon suggests making the movie 90 minutes in length, akin to a super-sized episode, allowing for a thrilling and immersive cinematic experience.

4. Will the Rick and Morty movie feature new characters or familiar faces?

While specific details about the movie’s plot and characters remain undisclosed, it is expected to feature the iconic duo of Rick and Morty alongside their eccentric entourage.

5. How will the Rick and Morty movie differ from the TV series?

The movie aims to leverage the resources available in a cinematic setting, enabling grander animation, visually stunning sequences, and an intensified overall experience while staying true to the show’s unique humor and storytelling elements.