Daisy Ridley Unveils Surprising Details About Her Unexpected Star Wars Role – Fans Are Shocked!

Daisy Ridley Says Her New Star Wars Movie Is “Not What I Expected”

Star Wars fans worldwide were ecstatic when it was announced that Daisy Ridley would be reprising her role as Rey in an upcoming Star Wars sequel. However, Ridley herself has recently revealed that the new film is “not what she expected”. In an interview with Collider, she shared her thoughts on returning to the galaxy far, far away and the surprising direction of the story.

A Surprising Role Reprisal

Despite the anticipation surrounding her return as Rey, Daisy Ridley admitted that her role reprisal came as a surprise to her. She expressed her excitement about being a part of the new film and revealed that the story is “really cool”.

Rebuilding the Jedi Order

The untitled Star Wars film, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, takes place 15 years after the events of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker. In this installment, Rey embarks on a mission to rebuild the Jedi Order. Ridley stated that she is eagerly waiting to read the script and further delve into the narrative.

An Unexpected Twist

When asked about her initial expectations for the new film, Daisy Ridley admitted that it was different from what she had envisioned. However, she remains enthusiastic about the story and believes that it is worth telling and exploring.

A Fresh Perspective

Ridley’s comment about the film not meeting her expectations raises intriguing questions. Could this suggest a departure from the traditional Star Wars formula? Perhaps we can anticipate a new and innovative approach to the beloved universe. This unexpected twist may bring a breath of fresh air to the franchise and captivate audiences in unexpected ways.

Excitement Builds Among Fans

Despite the mystery surrounding the film’s storyline, Daisy Ridley’s comments have fueled excitement among Star Wars fans. The anticipation for this new installment grows as fans eagerly await more information and the opportunity to witness a fresh take on the franchise.

Ridley’s Nervousness and Quick Turnaround

During the Star Wars Celebration 2023 event where the film was announced, Daisy Ridley admitted to feeling nervous before taking the stage. The secrecy surrounding her involvement and the rapid turnaround between the initial conversation with Lucasfilm and the public announcement had her on edge. This highlights the significance of her unexpected return and the filmmakers’ desire to surprise audiences.

The Future of Star Wars

Daisy Ridley’s revelation about her new Star Wars movie being “not what she expected” sparks curiosity about the future of the franchise. Could this unexpected direction lead to further exploration of uncharted territories within the Star Wars universe? Fans can’t help but wonder what other surprises await them in the continuation of this iconic saga.


Daisy Ridley’s candid remarks about her upcoming Star Wars movie have created a buzz among fans. The unexpected nature of the film and Ridley’s excitement have piqued curiosity, raising anticipation for a fresh take on the beloved franchise. As audiences eagerly await the release of this new installment, they can’t help but wonder what surprises and innovative storytelling await them in a galaxy far, far away.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will the new Star Wars movie starring Daisy Ridley be released?

As of now, an official release date for the new Star Wars film has not been announced. Fans eagerly await further updates from Lucasfilm regarding the release timeline.

2. Who is directing the upcoming Star Wars sequel?

The upcoming Star Wars sequel is being directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, known for her impactful work in documentary filmmaking.

3. Will other familiar characters from the Star Wars universe be appearing alongside Daisy Ridley?

While specific details about the cast have not been revealed, fans can hope to see additional familiar characters from the Star Wars universe appearing alongside Daisy Ridley’s Rey.

4. Does Daisy Ridley have any input in the development of the story?

As an actor, Daisy Ridley’s primary role is to bring the character of Rey to life. The development of the story itself is primarily the responsibility of the writers and directors involved in the project.

5. Will this new Star Wars film be connected to the existing trilogy?

While the new Star Wars film takes place 15 years after the events of the previous trilogy, the extent of its connection to the existing storylines is yet to be revealed. Fans can anticipate references and nods to the previous films, but the film’s narrative will likely pave its own path.