DaBaby arrested after performance in Miami for battery charges

DaBaby arrested after performance in Miami for battery charges. The news came as a shock for many fans and public as well. The Grammy Nominated DaBaby and artist Jonathan Kirk. The rapper, DaBaby is known for his lively and spirited character. His style and music videos are always an entertainment for the fans. Many loves him for his talent.

The unfortunate incident took place on Thursday night. The police have kept him in arrest without any warrant, which is totally wrong and unacceptable as well also. The actual problem is between Kirk and a music promoter. It was related with money issues, that is, payment problem.

The sources have said that Kirk has approached a music director but who it is unknown. The meeting was related to have a performance at Cafe Iguana in Pembroke Pines. The problem started when the producer claimed that he has given $30,000. But the rapper denies it and says that $20,000 is only received and that it is a cheating by the producer. The money was for performance but now it has not been fully paid by the music producer. But the main clams to have given higher received amount of money than what the rapper has received.

The case later took a different turn when Kirk itself goes against the producer and punches him in his face. There were some other people as well with Kirk when they attacked the producer along with another victim, who was with the producer as well also. The promoter says that one of the person went into his pocket and stole his iPhone, drenched him in apple juice, stole his credit card and so on. These people then fled from the scene. But later after three hours they were identified by the victim and brought to the police, who later arrest them.