Cursed: Why Netflix Cancelled the After One Season Despite the Success? Shocking Revelations Made! Read Further to know the Details

Cursed stands cancelled officially!

Netflix has decided not to renew the mediaeval fantasy series Cursed for a second season, and here’s why. In July of 2020, Netflix’s cursed, based on the Arthurian legend of the sword Excalibur, launched. The show received good feedback from fans all over the world.

“Cursed” was the month’s most popular online series when it initially aired on Netflix.
Cursed was then cancelled by Netflix, following other recent cancellations that included four original comedy shows, with its title becoming an ironic self-fulfilling prophecy.

It is based on the illustrated young adult novel of the same name by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. It tells the narrative of an Arthurian heroine. Nimue (Katherine Langford, 13 Reasons Why) is rejected by her Fey community and thought to be cursed, yet she has a destiny to become the mystical Lady of the Lake.


On a journey to find Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgrd) and deliver Excalibur, she suddenly joins forces with Cursed’s youthful King Arthur (Devon Terrell). Nimue also becomes a powerful symbol against the Red Paladins, a group of violent religious zealots who seek to abolish magic and hence the Fey people. The show explores the sensitive topics such as bravery, religious tyranny, and the impacts of war, among others.

The story revolves around “Nimue,” who has the ability to control the plants in her environment. As a result, she was termed a witch by the rest of society. Her fate is to become the sorrowful lady of the lake. Arthur, an adolescent mercenary, joins her in combat with the red paladin.

Her main purpose is to deliver the sword Excalibur. Throughout her voyage, we see “Nimue’s” character evolve as she displays deeds of valour and bravery.

Although based on the historical Arthurian legend, this Arthurian legend is simply a theory.


Cursed: What Happened To Nimue After The End Of The Book

Cursed was cancelled before season 2 due to the broad attraction of fantasy programming in today’s streaming market, as well as Netflix’s own prowess in the genre with shows like The Witcher. However, as regrettable as the cancellation of Cursed is, there are some legitimate grounds for it. Here’s why Netflix cancelled Cursed, as well as information on whether Cursed season 2 will ever air.

Cursed Was Cancelled By Netflix

The show was likely terminated by Netflix because it didn’t live up to expectations and didn’t attract enough viewers in comparison to their other projects, despite the series’ appealing concept. It received a 67 percent critic rating and a 53 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, signifying mixed reviews. Furthermore, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix had to cancel a handful of previously renewed series since they couldn’t put them into production, despite the fact that there is always a steady stream of new episodes and movies to develop.

It’s not so much if Netflix’s Cursed was successful as it is how popular it was in comparison to other series, particularly those with franchise potential. Furthermore, fantasy programmes might be more expensive to produce because to the sets, costumes, CGI, and other factors.


Cursed’ cancellation, on the other hand, comes as a shock for a show that had gained some traction prior to its premiere. Before Miller and Wheeler’s book was even published in the fall of 2019, Netflix had ordered the series, and the on-screen production became greatly anticipated.

The casting of Langford, a familiar face from Netflix’s infamous adolescent drama 13 Reasons Why, to lead the cast of Cursed as Lady of the Lake looked like a smart choice. Immediately following the release of Cursed, speculations of a Merlin spinoff began to swirl. Despite the hype, Cursed only spent a few weeks in the top ten on the platform, and the chance of a spinoff currently seems unlikely.

Will there be a Season 2?


Following the cancellation, some dedicated fans began a social media effort to get the series picked up by another streaming provider, using the hashtag #SavedCursed. The cast members, on the other hand, have been released from their contracts and are free to pursue other projects, so a return is improbable. Despite the fact that the season 2 had content planned and season 1 ended on a dramatic cliff-hanger with Nimue being shot and assumed dead, it appears that Netflix has officially cancelled the show.

Fans also have only one book to look forward to, as Miller and Wheeler have yet to write a sequel to their smash bestseller. However, in an Instagram post on July 9, 2021, Wheeler hinted that another novel might be in the works. Cursed may not receive a second season on Netflix, but it had a wonderful run while it lasted, and several of the cast members have taken to social media to express their thanks for their roles in the show since its termination.