‘Criminal Minds’ Revival Ropes in the Original Cast Members!

“Criminal Minds” Revival

Good news for all the “Criminal Minds” fans. Six of the OG cast members have agreed to appear on the show’s revival. A year ago, the revival for the show was confirmed on Paramount +.

The details for the revival are still hidden for the most parts. Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler and Paget Brewster agreed to come back. However they have not yet signed their contracts. Their contracts are currently put on hold because ABC proceeded to sign a deal with Erica Messer.

Criminal Minds' Revival, 6 Original Cast Members on Board

Negotiation With the Producer

‘Criminal Minds’ network is trying to negotiate with the show’s executive producer Messer. According to the reports. Although the negotiations between the two parties are moving forward, but not fast enough. The studio for ‘Criminal Minds’, ABC and CBS and  Paramount+ reached a 10 episode contract.

The show follows some criminal profilers who work with FBI. This group uses Behavioural Analysis to inspect and look for criminals.

Criminal Minds' Revival, 6 Original Cast Members on Board

The Revival is Still Alive

The six cast members are all set to sign their respective contracts when the situation with Messer is settled. The cast members Matthew Gray Gubler and Daniel Henney also stated that they will move forward with the revival. Daniel Henney, recently appeared in “The Wheel Of Time” as lan Mandragoran. Henney’s appearance on ‘Criminal Minds’ are still not clear.

Since, the announcement of the revival, the show has taken some major hits. In July, Brewster took to twitter to say that the revival is dead. In February, 2022, Nicole Clemens, the president of Paramount+ stated that ‘Criminal Minds’ revival is very much alive. During Paramount+’s virtual session, Clemens revealed that they will share more information soon.

He also claimed that the negotiations with Messer were the cause of delay.