‘Criminal minds’ Revival is still intact and flourishing at Paramount+

‘Criminal Minds’ Revival in Development after it was wrapped up in 2020

After coming to an end in 2020, Criminal Minds is set to make a comeback. The news came after the hit series came to an end on CBS two years back. However, there have been very few updates about the show after the series star Paget Brewster said that the series was stuck. Consequently, the news of the show’s revival came from Paramount+ day recently.

Criminal Minds Poster
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Fantastic Idea to have the series on Service

The American Drama has been a favourite among many. The intriguing theme of the show keeps us hooked. Moreover, the main plot which focuses on analysing criminal mindsets and their next moves has the best level of suspense. In her interview with Variety, Tanya Gill, the chief programming officer for Paramount+ assured about the advancement of the show. Furthermore, she added that the show is alive and well. Looks like our wait is about to get over!

Uncertainty about previous claims

The President of the series Nicole Clemens raised uncertainty about Brewster’s statement about the show’s end. Furthermore, she elaborated that the series development takes time and she has been taking her time to figure it out. Moreover, she assured that the drama is in the works and that they have always thought that it was a great idea to work on Criminal Minds!

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Reasons behind the sudden news

Criminal Minds has been on TV for 15 seasons. However, after it was dropped for one year, its sudden revival is mysterious. When the show was on TV, the Paramount+ streaming platform didn’t exist. This allowed Netflix to stream the series making it a huge hit. Subsequently, deals were made which left Paramount+ and Netflix have different seasons of the show.

Criminal Minds in Making
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More about the Series

The Criminal Minds has been a hit among audiences for a long time. The series stars Shemar Moore, Kristen Vangsness, Paget Brewster, Grey Gubler, etc. What is interesting about the series is the fact that it cannot be watched at the same place. We can watch 12 seasons on Netflix, but the rest of the series can be only watched at Paramount+. Furthermore, we can presume that the revival will be aired on Paramount+ again!